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At The Memphis Fire Barbeque Company, we want to make you feel like you’re somewhere unique, but still like home. We are fearless champions of cuisine from the 1950’s and 60’s, the Southern US and from our collective childhoods. The reason is simple. This is the food we grew up on, fell in love with and it is all from a time when food was created with integrity, passion and care by talented cooks. In that era, no matter where you ate, the food didn’t come from a lab, a bottle, a freezer case or designed to be shelf stable for 2 years. We are a collective of professional Chefs, Cooks and Servers who are dedicated to making sure honest food is served to our guests every day. From scratch isn’t just a buzzword, but an obsession. We prepare our own meat, create all our stocks, sauces and dressings and work with local artisan bakers to ensure we give you the freshest food offerings possible. It’s not fast, efficient or trendy, we just call it sharing the love of food that was instilled in us from our Grandmothers, Mothers and Families; all made with love and a sense of hospitality that needs to be protected, encouraged and shared with you, our guests.

Thank-you for your support and patronage,

The Popp Family

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