Our Restaurant is an Extension of our Home

We entertained and cooked a lot when I was a kid, and food was not only nourishment, it was love on a plate. It's that same spirit of hospitality that inspired Memphis Fire Barbeque Company. A genuine desire to make your day better, serve you food that is honest, made with passion and integrity and satisfies you on a level that is more than just filling. We have a saying around here, and we strive to make sure every guest feels this way


About Us

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company is not your Typical Restaurant

and we trust you'll feel the same way.

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The Popp Family Welcomes You

To Memphis Fire Barbeque Company

At Memphis Fire Barbeque Company, we want to make you feel like you’re somewhere unique, but still like home. We are fearless champions of cuisine from the 1950’s and 60’s, the Southern US and from our collective childhoods.

The reason is simple. This is the food we grew up on, fell in love with and it is all from a time when food was created with integrity, passion and care by talented cooks. In that era, no matter where you ate, the food didn’t come from a lab, a bottle, a freezer case or designed to be shelf stable for 2 years.

We are a collective of professional Chefs, Cooks and Servers who are dedicated to making sure honest food is served to our guests every day. From scratch isn’t just a buzzword, but an obsession.

We prepare our own meat, create all our stocks, sauces and dressings and work with local artisan bakers to ensure we give you the freshest food offerings possible.

It’s not fast, efficient or trendy, we just call it sharing the love of food that was instilled in us from our Grandmothers, Mothers and Families; all made with love and a sense of hospitality that needs to be protected, encouraged and shared with you, our customers.

Authentic Southern Barbeque

It all started in 1999, when Chef Steve read the cover article in Saveur magazine about Authentic Southern Barbeque. The article talked about how barbeque was the last style of food that the large foodservice companies could truly turn into convenience food, and that's all it took to get him interested. The Popp family has always cooked from the heart, with time and love going into everything it's family members would make; sufice it to say that good food is very important to them. Steve took this inspiring article and launched Jet Set Spice Company to the public in 2002, featuring a line of 8 signature spice blends and marinades that were desinged to get home cooks doing just that, cooking in their homes again. All of Jet Set's products were filler and additive free, and most importantly, they were all salt free as well.The signature spice from Jet Set Spice Company was always Memphis Fire Dry Rub, and when the time came that the family could open a restaurant to promote their "made from scratch with quality and care" philosophy, it was natural that they would name the restaurant "Memphis Fire" Barbeque Company after their signature dry rub. We start every day with preparing our award-winning barbeque. We hand trim, season and spice each piece from raw and smoke it all in our Ole Hickory Pits smoker bathed in Hickory smoke. This attention to detail and level of care is brought to all of our food we prepare, but it all starts with our barbeque.

Our Signature Smoked Meats

Daily Menu 1

Baby Back Ribs

For our Award Winning Baby Back Ribs, we start with the largest back ribs possible, most of which are over 2lbs a piece. Then we season them with Jet Set Spice Company's Memphis Fire Dry Rub. They spend hours in our smoker bathed in Hickory smoke until they are competition worthy, not fall of the bone tender and over-cooked
Daily Menu 2

Pulled Pork

At Memphis Fire we use New York Pork Shoulders that smoke for a minimum of 24 hours at 175°F, so low and slow that it melts in your mouth. We pull and sauce to order so the meat is never dry or over saturated with sauce.
Daily Menu 3

Beef Brisket

Our Briskets are rubbed with Memphis Fire Dry Rub and our House Brisket Mix, then smoked slow and low at 180°F. As with any tougher cut of meat that is well aged, your reward is great flavour. Cook that cut properly and you're left with tenderness, ensuring it's well fatted allows you to enjoy both, as the fat allows flavour compounds to be transfered to your palette as it melts in your mouth. Our Brisket is not available as a lean cut, with full slices not guaranteed, because it's just that tender

One Bite, You'll Understand Why We're Different

When we say "from scratch", we mean it - really. 99.6% of our menu items are made entirely from raw products that come from our local and national vendors. We are constantly preparing food from a fresh state, which is no small task when you feed over 80,000 people a year and only have 20 cubic feet of freezer space, 10 of which is solely for ice cream. When you combine a hyper focus on freshness, and combine that with some of the best technicaly qualified Chefs and Cooks in the industry, you get consistently loved food that is comfortable and delicious time after time, visit after visit. We think you'll agree when you visit Memphis Fire Barbeque Company, that all this extra attention is worth it.

For a selection of our signature menu items, please read below

Award Winning Barbeque

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich $ 12.75

    A 6oz portion of Pulled Pork on 2 slider buns, with our Apple Slaw right on the sandwich and your choice of one side dish

  • Pulled Pork Entree $ 19.99

    Our Pulled Pork Dinner Entree comes with a healthy 8oz portion of meat, a taste of Apple Slaw and your choice of two side dishes

  • Beef Brisket Sandwich $ 15.99

    A 6oz portion of tender Beef Brisket served on our artisnal egg bun, with a taste of Apple Slaw, Texan Relish and your choice of one side dish

  • Beef Brisket Entree $ 23.25

    Our Beef Brisket Entree comes with a healthy 8oz poriton of meat, a taste of Apple Slaw, Texan Relish and your choice of two side dishes

  • Baby Back Ribs Half $ 21.99 / Full $ 29.99

    For our award winning Baby Back Ribs we start with the largest Back Ribs possible, most over 2lbs a piece. Then we season them with our Memphis Fire Dry Rub from Jet Set Spice Company. They spend hours in our smoker bathed in Hickory smoke until they are competition worthy, not fall off the bone tender and over-cooked.

  • Smoke and Fire Combo $ 26.99

    When you can't decide on whether you want Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket, don't - just choose both! Indulge in 5oz of Pulled Pork and 5oz of Beef Brisket, with a taste of Apple Slaw, Texan Relish on the side. Choose 2 items from our selection of side dishes and you're all set.

  • Smoked Half Chicken $ 22.99

    Flavoured with our House Poultry Seasoning and smoked for 4 hours, this is the dish you think of when you crave barbequed chicken. Covered with our Tales of the Silk Road barbeque sauce and paired with your choice of two side dishes, it's the best and we think you'll agree.

Legendary Burgers

  • The Classic Single $ 10.99

    The pure and simple joy of a great burger is something that you truly can't beat. Our Classic Burgers are dressed with our crave worthy house-made Ranch Dressing, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, dill pickles with ketchup, mustard and relish if you'd like. Comes with one side dish

  • The Sneaky Cheese $ 14.99

    A favourite among our loyal customers from the very beginning. There's something special about your first bite of a Sneaky Cheese, hence the cult status. A Sneaky Cheese is dressed with Ranch, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles with Smoked Tomato Relish, aged Cheddar, Sneaky Cheese and Caramelized Onions. This explosion of awesome comes with one equally amazing side dish of your choice

  • The Big Chef $ 14.99

    This is a play on the classic Banquet burger and has been a favourite burger here at Memphis Fire since the beginning. Originally only offered as a triple, wenow let you decide how many patties you'd like. The Big Chef is dressed with Ranch, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, sweet pickles and a fiery sport pepper paired with Smoked Tomato Relish, aged Cheddar and diced bacon. Make this burger as big as you'd like, and it comes with one side dish

  • The All American $ 16.99

    Think of everything you love about our legendary burgers, and then think about everything you love about our equally famous Beef Brisket sandwich, then assemble them together and you'll be in love with the outcome! The All American is assembled with house-made mayonaisse, lettuce, tomato, sliced onion, dill pickles with ketchup, mustard, 5oz of Beef Brisket, Sneaky Cheese and a touch of Smokehouse Sauce to finish. This masterpiece is served with your choice of one side dish and the satisfaction of having your barbeque and burger fix at the same time.

Fried Chicken

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays after 4:00pm

Our Buttermilk Fried Chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours, then double-dredged in seasoned corn flour and then fried crisp, served hot and has been a signature dish here at the restaurant since we opened in 2010. The Classic Chicken dinner is a feast, but one should not pass up our Chicken n' Waffles on Tuesdays, or the Fried Chicken and 1/2 Rack Combo on Wednesdays either. No matter which feature you choose, we think it will change your opinion of Fried Chicken forever.

Your Feedback Is Important To Us

A great Chef of ours once told us that knowing what you've done wrong,
is far more important than what you've done right.

We hope you had a great experience with us, that's what we work crazy hard every day for;

but we are only human. please let us know about your experience with us. It is the only way we can make Memphis Fire better for everyone

Thank-you for providing your opinion, it means you care!

There are no reservations at Memphis Fire Barbeque, we seat everyone equally and as fast as possible
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